Under its cross vaults the Hofbräuhaus pub, became shortly one of the symbols of the Bavarian life style, is able to host over 1300 people at once, almost everybody sitting on benches that invite to the sharing and to recreate the typical atmosphere in with the local identity and the world cultures joined together. Recently the pub had a new phase of maintenance and renewal. The aim of the restoration has been to maintain the mood and the spirit of the pub, adapting it to practical management and cleaning needs. So from here the choice to employ the ceramic floor tiles from the Antica Umbria collection, a classic of the Tagina rustic series: ceramic rustic tiles, that at first sight reminds cotto, but indeed contains all the peculiarities of glazed porcelain tiles. Protected by welcoming walls, covered with wood panelling, in every hour of the day you can find Bavarians and foreigners, friends and strangers, old and young people, men and women, all united by beer that makes social and racial differences disappear in the chant of a toast, that makes everybody equal.

Markus Kohler
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