50 years of history

Among illustrious collaborations with fashion, with the world of architecture, among award-winning and innovative products to the point of starting a market trend, TAGINA crossed the milestone of 50 years of history.

Foundation year
TAGINA is the first company to reproduce a single-fired terracotta: it opens up a new market trend. Collections: Terrae di Tarsina and Antica Umbria.
TAGINA revolutionises the functionality of ceramics: not only as a “service” element but as an element of decoration and finishing of the rooms. TAGINA starts the innovative collaboration, for the ceramic sector, with the world of fashion and chooses LAURA BIAGIOTTI.
TAGINA innovates and launches large single-fired formats: 41x41 and 50x50 in 12 mm thickness, in contrast to the market
TAGINA begins to experiment with the concept of “total look”: with the stylist LAURA BIAGIOTTI, they design collections to create environments where ceramic seamlessly covers all the surfaces of the environment: from floors to walls, from columns to sink tops.
TAGINA launches FUCINA: the first ceramic tile with a “real” metallic effect. A worldwide success.
TAGINA starts the collaboration with the architect SIMONE MICHELI: LIFECYCLE is born, a ceramic project as a hymn to fluidity, an environment where the boundary between exterior and interior no longer exists.
TAGINA wins the CERSAIE AWARD for best stand during the 2010 Cersaie exhibition.
Cersaie 2014: Tagina wins the "Adi Ceramics Design Award" with a three-dimensional hexagonal tile.
TAGINA is acquired by the DAFIN group
Coverings 2021: TAGINA wins the “Big & Bold” award with its large slabs range.
TAGINA: in spring 2024, construction work begins on the new 3,000 m² Showroom at its headquarters in Castel Bolognese RA.