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Lyon, France


High quality fine porcelain stoneware big slabs and tiles.

We create surfaces able to interpret the authentic tastes of single people to tell their time, tradition, modernity, in order to give life to original and personal stories.


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Our collections


APOGEO offers a perfect blend of the textures of concrete and natural stone. Its strong yet stylish character, perfectly in tune with today’s trends, makes it suitable for any kind of indoor and outdoor setting: from residential to commercial, t ...

Aurum Stone

The source of inspiration for Aurum Stone is aurum, a limestone, commonly found in Bavaria. A stylish straw-coloured material, aurum features shades ranging from gold to beige and unusual patterns created by the water sediments that have built up ...


A collection that reproduces a “cement effect” with an elegant and sophisticated look that perfectly interprets the contemporary minimalist current, even more accentuated by the large size. The texture with a glamour and lived-in look, deliber ...

Deep Blue

The Deep Blue collection is inspired by the Pierre Bleue, a stone native to Belgium which takes its name from its unusual blend of greys and blues, which range from darkest black to pale, almost white, shades. Available in two shades of grey ...


Inspired by an Italian oak, a sober and elegant wood, Evoque has been left ‘natural’ to provide rooms with a feeling of warmth, comfort, and relaxation. The collection combines style with technology, through the essential engineering required ...

Full Colours

Large porcelain stoneware slabs up to size 163x324 cm. Different colours to choose from: sand, black and white, classic grey and a dark warm shade. Extra-bright as well as Matt surfaces and several thickness options, from 6 mm to 20 mm, including ...


An intriguing collection with high visual impact and a grunge mood, inspired by the hundred-year-old terracotta tiles traditionally found in Central Italy. Created from thorough research activity, the ILCOTTOTAGINA collection features bespoke surf ...


Starting with its name, Lilac pays homage to a natural oriental marble; a prestigious variety, whose dramatic black veining against a white background sometimes creates a pale violet shade. This completely unique feature is faithfully reproduced i ...


Marquina Nero by Tagina is characterised by the intense blackness of the background punctuated by irregular diagonal grey/white veins. It is inspired by the natural marble from which it takes its name and is distinguished by the high level of glos ...


A collection marked by time where corrosion and oxidation enter the scene, giving the metal sheets an always varied and original personality. Metal is available in the colors Pearl, Iron, Corten, Oxide, Titanium, in two thicknesses, in the sizes 1 ...

Onice Reale

ONICE REALE pays homage to a rare variety of Persian Onyx; with its deep emerald tones and the exclusiveness note lent by the differing intensity of the shading and the characteristic use of colour tones ranging from grey to white, green to brown. ...


Patagonia by Tagina is an original interpretation of the South American volcanic stone from which it takes its name. Freed from blocks of cold hardness with great sensitivity and painstaking craftsmanship, a new marble takes shape and life, a crys ...

Pietra di Luna

Blue, white, in shades of grey and beige, a deep black with shiny micro glitter, PIETRA DI LUNA is fluid, thrilling, mysterious. A versatile collection that aims to be the means to give shape to the personality of those who choose it, dress ...

Pietra Regale

The sober and at the same time strong character of the Pietra di Luserna (for centuries the pride of Piemontese architecture, used in buildings that symbolize its history, from the Reggia di Venaria to the Mole Antonelliana) lives again in Pietra ...


A beautiful wood effect porcelain tile, with defined lines and shaded effect suitable to any use, indoor and outdoor. The size 20×120 and the four colour variants in natural shades, allow you to appreciate these tiles in all its veins and in ever ...


A collection inspired by the African savanna with patterns that conjure up all its extraordinary seasonal colour changes, from the greens of the lush seasons to the arid tones of the dry months. This maze of shading is perfectly set off by an unev ...


Paying homage to Tuscany’s finest marble Tagina’s STATUARIO recreates the elegantly cut marble preferred by the Romans to fashion eternal sculptures and build sumptuous homes. Statuario’s appeal can be appreciated in sizes ranging up to the ...

Umbria Antica

A material product with high aesthetic and functional performances… in this way the beauty of the “breathing” product comes to life. A porcelain tile soft to the touch, wear-resistant that is expressed in a mixture of shades starting from co ...


Our achievements

Our enthusiasm and our desire to innovate are expressed in personal works with character: a selection of residential or commercial projects, internal and external, linked by a single common thread: the taste and passion of Tagina for ceramics.