TAGINA is an Italian company founded in 1973, a leader for 50 years in the high-end ceramic floor and wall sector.

Our fine porcelain stoneware collections embrace the main categories of material inspirations such as marble, stone, wood, contemporary “cement effect” surfaces or stylish solutions with glitter and polishing, in full indoor outdoor stylistic continuity.

We bring beauty into people’s lives.

We create surfaces capable of interpreting people’s authentic tastes to tell
about their time, tradition, the contemporary, to give life to original and
personal stories.

A beauty not understood only as “beauty”, but as an abstraction of multiple
meanings, which is embodied in what guarantees the identity of our country: Italy. Meanings such as beauty, of course, but also culture, art, harmony, dignity, technology, the joy of living, just as Dostoevsky described it when in 1869 he said the famous “Beauty will save the world”.

We are driven by the ambition to ensure that those who choose us can enrich their lives with an accent of Italian beauty. However, we are equally convinced that we will also be able to evolve our society and our culture by preserving and respecting our heritage and our past.

Our vision,
our mission

50 years of history

TAGINA was born in 1973 in the Umbria region in Gualdo Tadino. Our relationship with the territory is very close right from the start, so much so that the founders choose to call the company with the ancient name of the city: TAGINA.
A city and territory that, starting from the Renaissance, can boast a renowned tradition in the handicraft production of ceramics and its decoration (a famous example is the “luster” decoration technique invented by Giorgio Andreoli da Gualdo Tadino in the 1400s).

Right from the start, the company expresses a strong and original production identity, establishing itself in Italy and abroad as one of the leading high-end Italian companies by innovating its products and organisation.

The colours chosen are inspired by a reworking of those present in the cathedral of San Benedetto. Gold alongside elegant blue, drive our will to position our brand towards a high-end market for quality and aesthetic appearance.

restyling the brand

An identity that starts from a territory that is rich in history, nature and traditions to redesign the future of our brand. An evolution that shows the clear intent to communicate the presence of a new path, but which maintains a strong emotional link with the past.

The square shape represents the ceramic tile in its simplicity, shown in a composition of 4 elements that outline a laying.
Inserted in the four portions, we find different icons that represent figures of our ancient culture such as a rose window, stylised banners or symbols of ancient families. These distinctive elements, in addition to evoking the roots of TAGINA, identify the different styles of our contemporary ceramic production.


We have always been linked to territories that boast a centuries-old tradition in the field of ceramic design, production and decoration. This was initially in Gualdo Tadino, in the Umbria region, the homeland of our brand, where ceramics is a millennial vocation deeply rooted in its history.

And it applies even more today in Castel Bolognese, in the Faenza area, where it is based. Faenza, a city famous in the world for ceramics, where already in the 1st century BC the first factories were born, favoured by the characteristics of the clays found in the nearby Lamone river. Faenza, famous to the point that the toponym “Faenza” itself has become synonymous with ceramics (majolica) in many languages, including French (faïance) and English (faience).
We are also located in the heart of the Emilia Romagna region, cradle of industrial excellence from ceramics to automotive with Ferrari, Lamborghini or Ducati, from fashion with the Max Mara Group to food with Barilla or the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, from fitness with Technogym, to tourism etc.

A territory of people and companies united by a great passion for trade and the ambition to create products that are excellent in terms of aesthetics, technique and quality. But also and above all, capable of evoking emotions. A wealth of skills and values that TAGINA helps to evolve day after day.


We are a strategic partner that offers high-end ceramic surfaces. Cuttingedge products thanks to the technical characteristics and refinement of the design, carefully studied to satisfy the tastes of the various markets.

Our collections are available in numerous sizes and thicknesses for maximum application versatility. From large 160×320 cm slabs (or 163×324 with 12 or 20 mm thickness for worktops) up to more traditional sizes such as 90×90 and 60×120, ending with R11 outdoor formats, such as 60×60, 40×120 and 120×120, with thicknesses of 10, 20 or 30 mm.

Flexible and multipurpose materials, that create floors and walls, but that can also create personalised furnishing accessories such as tables, kitchens, niches or tubs.

With over 200 items and 3 thicknesses dedicated to the outdoors, we boast one of the largest offers in the Italian ceramic market for this specific segment.

The TAGINA design

Our internal Research & Style laboratory works to affirm a clear product identity and enhance it in furnishing and design contexts.

In this way, many highly creative collections were born, such as the historic Terre dell’Umbria and Antica Umbria collections that have made the history of Italian ceramics or, Deco’d’Antan or Woodays as well as the recent Ilcottotagina and Onice Reale. Iconic excellence of Made in Italy, unique in their kind, but always characterised by an unmistakable and unrepeatable design.





Made in Italy

We are 100% Italian: this is shown in our passion, imagination, the ability to innovate and quality. We produce 100% in Italy, drawing heavily on the craftsmanship typical of our places to add value to our industrial product.

It is this philosophy that gave birth to historical collections such as those signed in the early 1980s by the stylist Laura Biagiotti, when the artisan technique of “casting” was introduced into the factory to create entirely hand-made special pieces such as capitals and photophores collections of industrial tiles to create truly unique and inimitable settings.

O Fucina, another iconic collection that amazed the market in 2006 for its absolute likeliness to “metal”, its genre reference, made possible by the use, for the first time, of real metal powder to be mixed with ceramic glazes.

An innovative communication:

the new Showroom, digital media and exhibitions

We are convinced that communication must integrate present, past and future. Dimensions that will be emphasised thanks to the new Showroom, construction of which will begin in spring 2024, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the brand. A sophisticated and avant-garde architectural project, spread over an area of 3,000 m², of which 2,000 are covered and 1,000 are for outdoor surfaces.
An important step, which will allow us to welcome more and more visitors
to the headquarters, where we can organise meetings.

In addition to this, to meet the growing need for proximity and fast and intuitive transmission of content to the customer, we have implemented an integrated management system for digital communication channels such as the website, social media or newsletters. A choice that allows us to communicate effectively and efficiently, with personalised messages for individual customers, giving maximum value to their needs and their time.
At the same time, our participation in the main international exhibitions continues, such as Cersaie (ITA), Galabau, (GER), Paysalia (FRA) and Coverings (USA), to maintain fundamental physical contact with customers from all over the world.

The Dafin Group

Innovation, dedication, family identity, determination, bond with the territory: these are some of the values that characterise the Dafin S.p.A. Group, a company of the D’Agostino family that has been active for years in Italy and abroad with brands of international importance, in the ceramic and brick sector.

After the sale of its ceramic brands in 2017, “TAGINA” joins Dafin in 2020 with the same management team that had already distinguished itself in the previous ceramic experience: a cohesive and well-established group of professionals who have chosen to follow the ambitious project of the D’Agostino family, sharing its objectives and values, crowning a solid relationship of esteem matured in 30 years of experience.

Among the companies of the Group IBL SpA stands out, acquired in 1996 and founded in 1964 in Bentivoglio as “Industria Bolognese Laterizi”; an important production company that offers a complete range of brick products, to cover all the construction needs of buildings.