piastrella in gres porcellanato effetto legno di rovere, dal colore miele.

MONTALCINO explores the three most popular wood essences in Tuscany, the land of the city from which the collection takes its name. A work of technological research that proposes surfaces differently characterised by both texture and structure, in three different colours: Paglierino, Dorato, Miele. The spontaneity of wood in three fascinating facets of beauty: From […]

Marmi Imperiali

The eternal charm of ‘Roma, caput mundi’ (capital of the world) comes alive in the new Tagina collection dedicated to the precious marble from the most remote provinces of the Roman Empire. The MARMI IMPERIALI project develops through 6 base colours that recreate the variety of natural marble. It stands out for its wide range […]

Pietra d’Orvieto

PIETRA D’ORVIETO (Orvieto’s stone) is inspired by a particular carbonate rock extracted in central Italy, near the city of the same name. Its refined design, characterised by delicate features and marked by light streaks of dark brown, makes it an icon of elegance as well as multifaceted in style. The 5 indoor/outdoor surface finishes elevate […]


NAMUR is inspired by Pierre Bleue or Blue Stone, the Belgian sedimentary rock with characteristic grey-blue hues. In TAGINA’s interpretation, the stone takes on multiple shades of colour ranging from black to beige, up to grey, in full chromatic and size continuity with both internal and external environments thanks to the exceptional characteristics of frost […]


Piastrella in gres porcellanato effetto pietra. Ceramica formato grande 90x90. Pavimento in pietra per arredo classico e moderno.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow: the history, the modernity, and the timeless style of the Mediterranean landscapes are the traits of MEDITERRANEA. A collection inspired by the characteristic stone of that area, which, left naked to the eye, is warmed by the sun and smoothed by nature. A stone with many facets due to its many […]


Piastrelle per pavimenti in gres porcellanato moderno effetto metallo, per progetti indoor e outdoor, disponibili in grande formato 120x280.

A collection marked by time where corrosion and oxidation enter the scene, giving the metal sheets an always varied and original personality. Metal is available in the colors Pearl, Iron, Corten, Oxide, Titanium, in three thicknesses, in the sizes 120×280, 120×120, 60×120 cm. Thanks also to the R11 finish for outdoor, Metal creates chromatic continuity […]

Deep Blue

The DEEP BLUE collection is inspired by the Pierre Bleue, a stone native to Belgium which takes its name from its unusual blend of greys and blues, which range from darkest black to pale, almost white, shades. Available in two shades of grey, the collection comes in sizes 60×60 up to 120×120 in 20 mm […]

Aurum Stone

The source of inspiration for Aurum Stone is aurum, a limestone, commonly found in Bavaria. A stylish straw-coloured material, aurum features shades ranging from gold to beige and unusual patterns created by the water sediments that have built up on its surface over millennia. The porcelain stoneware collection is produced in one colour only, to […]


Inspired by an Italian oak, a sober and elegant wood, Evoque has been left ‘natural’ to provide rooms with a feeling of warmth, comfort, and relaxation. The collection combines style with technology, through the essential engineering required to produce a surface that is soft to the touch and offers the low level of reflection that […]


An intriguing collection with high visual impact and a grunge mood, inspired by the hundred-year-old terracotta tiles traditionally found in Central Italy. Created from thorough research activity, the ILCOTTOTAGINA collection features bespoke surfaces with careful calibrated shades and varying tonal intensities, designed for both classic and contemporary settings with an eclectic feel. Four warm, welcoming, […]