Piastrelle in gres porcellanato effetto marmo bianco per pavimenti e 
rivestimenti a parete.

Marble from Namibia, with a delicate and exotic soul, triggers the creative process of Mystery, a new porcelain stoneware proposal that suggests an original alchemy between the refined look of the inspiration material and other natural elements that draw their expressive power from the absolute purity of white. From the snow-bearing clouds, which soften the […]

Pietra d’Orvieto

PIETRA D’ORVIETO (Orvieto’s stone) is inspired by a particular carbonate rock extracted in central Italy, near the city of the same name. Its refined design, characterised by delicate features and marked by light streaks of dark brown, makes it an icon of elegance as well as multifaceted in style. The 5 indoor/outdoor surface finishes elevate […]

Calacatta Gold

Piastrella in gres porcellanato

CALACATTA GOLD by TAGINA is a porcelain stoneware collection inspired by the precious Italian marble quarried in Tuscany, in the Apuan Alps. The striking aspect of its refined yellow-gold veins, highlighted by a white-straw background, make it an ideal collection for furnishing luxurious environments, even with minimalist objects, as well as modern ones especially when […]


Piastrelle per pavimenti e rivestimenti in gres porcellanato effetto marmo. Una ceramica formato grande lastra 160x320 per progetti indoor.

‘So you remain, indelible in heart and mind, curious and lovely whim of mother nature’. This is how poet Nino Testa described the landscape of Sicily, the enchanting place that gives us the noble white marble that inspired SEGESTA. A collection that not only managed to capture this sentiment, but also the very essence of […]


Piastrelle e pavimenti e rivestimenti in gres porcellanato effetto marmo. Una ceramica formato grande lastra 120x270 per progetti indoor.

Patagonia is an original interpretation of the South American volcanic stone from which it takes its name. Freed from blocks of cold hardness with great sensitivity and painstaking craftsmanship, a new marble takes shape and life, a crystal with graphic effects of rare beauty where chromatic notes form weaves and veins on translucent backgrounds, composing […]


gres porcellanato effetto marmo di colore nero con vene bianche grande formato

Marquina Nero by Tagina is characterised by the intense blackness of the background punctuated by irregular diagonal grey/white veins. It is inspired by the natural marble from which it takes its name and is distinguished by the high level of gloss of the surface, a particular brilliance and depth obtained through the use in production […]


Paying homage to Tuscany’s finest marble Tagina’s STATUARIO recreates the elegantly cut marble preferred by the Romans to fashion eternal sculptures and build sumptuous homes. Statuario’s appeal can be appreciated in sizes ranging up to the oversize slabs measuring 160×320 cm (available in both glossy and natural finishes) featuring a brilliant background and cold grey […]

Onice Reale

piastrella in gres porcellanato effetto onice persiano di colore nero, con vene e striature bianche

ONICE REALE pays homage to a rare variety of Persian Onyx; with its deep emerald tones and the exclusiveness note lent by the differing intensity of the shading and the characteristic use of colour tones ranging from grey to white, green to brown. The collection, which is available in 7 colour options, is enhanced by […]

Full Colours

Large porcelain stoneware slabs up to size 163×324 cm. Different colours to choose from: sand, black and white, classic grey and a dark warm shade. Extra-bright as well as Matt surfaces and several thickness options, from 6 mm to 20 mm, including 10 mm and 12 mm. Timeless, contemporary, modern. A perfect match for all […]


Starting with its name, Lilac pays homage to a natural oriental marble; a prestigious variety, whose dramatic black veining against a white background sometimes creates a pale violet shade. This completely unique feature is faithfully reproduced in the patterns of this series, which conjures up images of enchanted settings, suspended in time. Available in a […]